Key to catalog locations

BA   Archives of Bongardt [formerly: Bongardt & Herfurth], Wiehe an der Unstrut, Germany.

BW  Bill Warner.

CC   Craig Cowing, New England Organ Works, Monmouth, ME, USA

CF   Claes Friberg Collection

CN   Charles Netzow, Milwaukee, WI, USA

DE   Doug Eyman

EK   Archives of Ed. F. Köhler, Pretzsch, Germany

HB   Hermann Baus, Karlsruhe, Germany

JB  James Bratton

JR   Joop Rodenburg

JV   Joris Verdin, Kampenhout, Belgium

LB  Book, may be available in libraries or from new or used book dealers.

LR  Citation taken from Lawrence B. Romaine's A Guide to American Trade Catalogs 1744-1900

MC  Citation taken from The Musical Courier.

MH  Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis, MO, USA

MK  Museum Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany

MN  Akte Mannborg, Staatsarchiv Leipzig: (Teil-) Nachlass der Firma Th. Mannborg, Leipzig, Germany

MR  Mark Richli, Zürich, Switzerland

MZ  Museum Zeitz

OL  Citation generated from on-line description, in P. H. Adams' Trade Catalogs

PA  Listed in P. H. Adams' Trade Catalogs

PF  Pam and Phil Fluke, England

RG Robert Gellerman

RH Richard Howe Collection, Piano Museum, University of Maryland.

SD Shrine to Music Museum, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD.

SI Smithsonian Instution, Warshaw Collection of Business Americana. Washington, DC

SM Stadtarchiv Mechernich

TC Metropolitan Toronto Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

TU Middle Tennessee State University, Center for Popular Music

UK Unknown

WA Archives of O. Lindholm, Borna, Germany

WM Worcester Historical Museum, Worcester, MA, USA

WO Wim Olthof, Kornhorn, Netherlands

WT Winterthur Museum, Wilmington, DE, USA