The Reed Organ Database

This pictorial database is intended as an aid in doing research on reed organs. The information can be searched by the maker's name, model, or by the type of case, by doing a text search for a key word or simply browsing through the database. References to dates are intended only to indicate that a specific model was in production in that year. Some models were produced for many years, so the dates are not definitive. Additional details will be found in "Gellerman's International Reed Organ Atlas". This book may be available at your local library, or can be purchased from the author. See descriptive and ordering information elsewhere on this website.

The pictorial and textual information in this database is provided on a non-profit, volunteer basis for general reference and educational use. Every effort has been made to obtain permission for use of copyrighted material and to give credit where required. If additional permissions or credits are required, please contact the webmaster giving the registration number of the picture and a contact address.

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