The Union List of Reed Organ Catalogs

The Union List of Reed Organ Catalogs originated from a discussion on the Reed Organ Society Internet Mailing List of the possibility of making scanned images of catalogs available to the public. As a first step in that ambitious project the present list, when completed, will be a compilation of all known reed organ catalog collections throughout the world. Many of the large collections are already included. Since this list is compiled from many different sources, the individual entries appear in varying styles and even different languages. It is possible that there are duplicate entries for a single item.

How to Search:
The list is arranged in alphabetical order by the manufacturer's name, then by date. Items for which the date is unknown are placed after the dated entries for each maker. Double click at the left on the first letter of the name you are looking for, then scroll down until you find it.

The location of a catalog can be found by clicking on the word "Location" found at the end of each entry. The complete list of locations can be seen by clicking on the word "Locations" at the left. Please do not write requesting more detailed location information. The locations given are the best available at this time. In some cases the owners have requested confidentiality.

Adding to the List:
Anyone owning or knowing the location of one or more catalogs, price lists or similar publications is invited to add them to this list. If you do not want the owner's name or location to be published, please request that they be kept confidential. Please send additions, corrections or comments: webmaster.

Catalog Images:
A few of the catalogs have been scanned and can be seen by clicking on “Images” at the left.