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Reed Organ Societies:


Harmonium-Vereniging Nederland (HVN) (Dutch Society)

Reed Organ Club Japan

Reed Organ Society  (ROS, US and international)
Reed Organ Society France -
L'harmonium français


Individual Sites:

Classical Free-Reed, Inc. (Information about free-reed instruments)

Harmoniummuseum Liestal (Dieter Stalder’s museum in Switzerland)

Estey Organ Museum  (Brattleboro, VT)

Stockholm Music Museum (Stockholm, Sweden)

Louis Huivenaar  (harmonium restorer in the Netherlands)

Frans van der Grijn (Dutch website)

Reed Organ Man (Jim Tyler, reed organ restorer in San Francisco)

Reed Organ Marketplace (American Reed Organ and Harmonium Marketplace, UK)

J.P. Nystrom (a former Swedish harmonium maker, now a musical group that includes a harmonium.)

Vocalion Group (information on Vocalions and Gregorian organs)

Kent Arnold (Restoration of harmoniums and reed organs, Los Angeles)

Rob Allan (Reed Organs in England)

Håkon Sødal (Reed organs in Norway, in Norwegian)

Sam Grossner (Reed organ music)

Jaakko Jarvala (Reed Organs in Finland)

Olivier Schmidt (Pictures and performances, in French)

Yoriko Tanaka's Home Page (in Japanese, nice pictures.)

Yoriko Tanaka's Second Home Page (in Japanese, nice pictures.)

New Zealand Organ Manufactory (service and repair)

New Zealand Reed Organ Museum, Woodville, New Zealand

Rhea Antique Pump Organ Museum, Sharon Springs, Kansas

The Organette Music Repository

Lee Conklin Antique Reed Organ Museum

Reed Organ Museum Netherlands

L'harmonium Sain-Etienne (harmonium web site, in French)

Reed Organ Recordings

Rod Fudge Pump Organ Restauration


Related Sites:


Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Assn. (AMICA)

Klaverens Hus (Swedish research center for keyboard instruments)
Mechanical Music Digest (great archive of reference material, much of it applicable to reed organs)
Musical Box Society International (MBSI, society of automatic musical instrument collectors)

Organ Historical Society (Mostly pipe organs, some reed organ information)




Egidio Galvan (Italian harmonium maker)

Harry Geuns (free reed maker and instrument maker)

Wicks Organ Co. (former reed organ maker now making pipe organs)

Mason & Hamlin (piano maker, good historical data)

Bina Musical Stores (Indian harmonium maker)

Lahore Music House (Indian harmonium maker)